About Curatum

New regulatory requirements have made tighter internal control as standard compliance across the globe. Organizations irrespective of size are struggling to comply with these regulations and managing the risk. SAP GRC helps an organization to efficiently put policies and controls in place to address all its compliance obligations. SAP GRC creates a central nervous system that helps clients to manage their business more effectively.

Curatum Software is a pre- packaged solution which is designed to provide comprehensive IT Governance, Risk and Compliance framework for clients to automate and accelerate the SAP GRC 10.1 implementation and migration projects. Curatum Software complies with Regulations FDA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, IFRS, Basel … to keep the SAP and Non SAP systems clean with continuous compliance (users, role and profiles). Controls provided by us ensures that all financial data is properly secured once Curatum Software is deployed.

Curatum methodologies and capabilities of migration enables clients in their journey to SAP GRC10.1 Suite and allows our clients to use SAP GRC 10.1 with enhanced features. Curatum software uses a unique architecture that enables clients to manage their SAP GRC 10.1 implementation and migration projects smoothly and faster as it contains global baseline of processes and controls.

Curatum Migration Tool helps clients to migrate data from Third Party GRC systems (IBM Open Pages, Approva Bizrights, CSI tools…) to SAP GRC 10.1 system. Curatum Repository contains set of templates which streamlines the documentation of IT related risks and their compensating controls, manages periodical control audits, risk assessments and accelerators which speed up the SAP GRC 10.1 implementation or migration for our clients.

Our clients are expected to do the evaluation of internal control over financial reporting with recognized control framework and Curatum software provides Multiple frameworks which covers a wide range of risk, audit and regulations. VSoft Curatum Software supports both On-Premise and On cloud migrations of SAP GRC 10.1.

Benefits of Curatum Software:

  • Enhanced Data Migration from Third Party GRC Systems to SAP GRC
  • SAP Access Compliance – Fire Fighter Approval Process
  • Repository of Templates and Accelerators
  • Audit & Vendor Governance
  • Inventory of Controls and Creation of Roadmap for Migration
  • Defect tracking and monitoring tools
  • Policy & Procedure Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Enterprise-wide Case and Incident Management
  • Testing Scenarios for Data Validation