HANEYA – S/4 HANA Migration Tool

“HANEYA™ – Cut your S/4 HANA Migration Costs in Half”

HANEYA™, our ROBOTIC S/4 HANA migration solution encapsulates all migration activities together to handle the SAP HANA migration for SoH and S/4 HANA in an automated process with minimal human interaction and optimizes the cost and effort by 40-50%. HANEYA is a Process Configuration, Master Data Remediation, Security Role updates, and a Custom code remediation tool that remediates custom code incompatibilities, replaces obsolete transactions and obsolete tables, and updates security roles automatically. It will also facilities Near Zero Down Time(NZDT) conversion and Change management / Training with S/4 HANA and Suite on HANA (SoH) migrations, as change to the business could be daunting. It automates testing for changed functionalities as well.

In summary, Leave Migration to HANEYA Robot and you can focus on your business! Below are the features and functions of HANEYA:

  • Assessment in client system to firm up the estimate – Presales
  • Process Remediation and Guided Configuration and Process Impacts analysis and facilitation of Configuration
  • Technical Code Remediation – Upgrade, HANA & S/4
  • Security Roles Updates and Authorizations automation with Fiori activation
  • Master Data In-consistencies and resolution
  • Training and Change Management facilitation
  • Deployment of the solution globally using the template


HANEYA‘s proven methodologies, and capabilities of migration enable us to help our clients in their journey to SAP HANA and making the migration smooth, rapid, and easier allows our clients to take advantage of SAP HANA’s in-memory, column-oriented capabilities as early as possible by making implementation very fast with minimal downtime, saving on Time and Cost and improving return of investment. HANEYA will support single tenant and multi-tenant migrations and also supports migrations with acquisitions and divestitures. HANEYA offers SAP S/4 HANA migration implementations across industry verticals:

  • Retail
  • Consumer
  • ProductsLife Sciences
  • Insurance
  • Wholesale Distribution and
  • Manufacturing

 Value Proposition:

  • HANEYA saves 40 Cents to a Dollar
  • HANEYA automatically and speeds up the migration by 40-50%.
  • Reduces 40-50% of Effort, Time and Cost for S/4 Migrations
  • Optimizes the down time (~Achieves Near ZDT with migrations)
  • Extension to SLT 2.0 – Optimization of OS/DB conflicts
  • Rapid Data Conversions – address longest pole for S/4 comversion


HANEYA Value PropPicture1

HANEYA Modules


  • What it takes to go from SoH and ECC to S/4 Enterprise?
  • How many custom objects, HANA and S/4 HANA Conflicts?
  • What it takes for S/4 Migration, Unicode conversion and EhP upgrade?

    Ehp Upgrade

  • Standard and Non-standard conflicts from Ehp 4 to 7.0
  • Ehp7.0 to SoH conflicts remediation
  • Optimizer will automatically resolve these conflicts
  • SPAU/ SPDD Adjustments Unicode conversions


  • S/4 HANA incompatibilities remediation:
  • ECC to S/4 Enterprise Management
  • SoH to to S/4 Enterprise Mgt.
  • SoH to S/4 Finance
  • 1610 to 1709/ 1809 Upgrade
  • ECC to SoH
  • ECC to SoH with Simple Finance

    Post Migration

  • Ongoing upgrade tool
  • Ongoing landscape
  • transformation tool
  • Ongoing Security and
  • Configuration Tool
  • Table consistency checks
  • Repair inconsistencies
  • System copy adjustments
  • LRU Buffers clearing
  • Landscape transformation

Please visit our HANEYA Demo.

Use these credentials:

User id: visionsoft

Password: haneya