Digital Marketing

Visionsoft is a premier provider of Digital and Marketing Cloud solutions to enable customer digitization. For many corporations, customer digitization is a way forward after spending millions of $ in the Supply Chain (SCM) space while trying to capture ROI from SCM and making it a compelling argument in the CFO office. Hence, the focus is shifted to customer facing processes: Lead marketing, Campaigning, Trade Marketing Funds, Promotions, Digital Coupons Process, Digital Coupon Redemption, Offer Process, Dynamic Linking of Offers to Products, Omni-channeling, and Daily Offer Liability Process. Our clients are looking at improving efficiencies and flexing themselves while leveraging Business Process Documentation, Adobe Offers / Campaigns, Customer Digitization and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.


Our Marketing DPP Consultants have implementation experience and capabilities in the following areas:

1) DPP consultants:

  • Create a Work order in SAP
  • Communicate with Finance and Brands for budgeting forecast
  • Setup of 8 branded unique offers by Retail Chain in Adobe
  • Co-ordinate the DPP linking in a UAT environment
  • Co-ordinate the DPP linking / offer redemption in Production
  • Review redemption data for two weeks after go-live
  • Troubleshoot break /fix of links and offers


2) Process Documentation Consultants:

  • Create a template approach for creating process and work instructions
  • Develop a centralized repository for storing of the documentation
  • Develop an audit process for the review of the process and procedures
  • Development of Process maps for a graphic representation of the relationships between steps, inputs, and outputs
  • Areas Developed
    • Creation of offers
    • Creations of Mail files / workflows
    • Creation of new brands
  • Creation of needed components in Adobe for launching a campaign and real time emails


While, our marketing cloud consultants have implementation experience and capabilities in the following areas:

  • 10-12 years of experience in Information Technology
  • Certified in Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant.
  • Involved in 4 Full project lifecycles for Marketing Cloud implementation and maintenance.
  • Helped on 2 Full Migration of Exact target Legacy projects to Marketing Cloud Enterprise 2.0 Environment.
  • Worked on Exact target/Marketing Cloud.
  • Worked on Journey/Audience Builder for email campaign.
  • Worked on Salesforce Marketing cloud Connector V5/208.
  • Worked on Salesforce Marketing cloud Multi-Org.
  • Worked with Localytics Vendor on Mobile Push
  • Build and Supporting 5 Business Unit’s on 2 Instances Prod/Parallel Production (Test).
  • Worked on Salesforce Marketing cloud Mobile Studio.
  • Build and Maintained Multiple Cloud pages for Unsubscribe pages and also advisor landing pages.
  • Worked on Cloud Page Smart captures also integrate it with journey builder.
  • Experienced using Exact Target API by using SOAP API Client.
  • Experienced in Development, Administration, Configuration, Requirements gathering, Implementation, Integration and Support of Salesforce using Apex Language and leveraging Platform.
  • Developed Visual force pages and Custom Objects using Apex Programming on Platform.
  • Strong knowledge of Agile and experience with multiple implementations across various projects.
  • Extensive experience with administrative tasks like Creating Roles, User, Profiles, Permission Sets, Page Layouts, Record Types, Validation, Deployment and Data Migration.
  • Experienced in managing the data, Forecasting, Campaign Management, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes and Dashboards.
  • Experienced with Sales, Service Cloud, Communities and Platform.
  • Hands on experience in creating relationships between objects with Master-Detail, Lookup Relationships and Junction Objects (Many to Many relationships).
  • Established integration patterns with external applications and developed apex SOAP and REST web services for inbound calls to
  • Experience in wide range of languages and technologies such as Apex, HTML, AmpScript and JavaScript.
  • Experience with databases such as MS SQL Server.
  • Profound experience and understanding of Object Oriented Design (OOD), MVC, multi-tier Architectures and distributed architectures.
  • Able to perform all tasks related to the day-to-day operations including managing users, creating and maintaining custom objects and fields, handling data migration, maintenance and installation and support of AppExchange applications.
  • Worked closely with Business Users for requirements gathering and business analysis
  • Enthusiastic, motivated with a positive outlook and strong written and verbal communication and documentation skills.